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#45 Cab (part 2)

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Somebody call a Cab?

Well, finally got around to working on the cab roof.  Bending 15 ga. steel is not easy if you don't have the right equipment.  The roof section was rough cut with about an extra inch of material at the ends so it could adjust and cut once everything was fitted. The overall radius was done by hand (and muscle). A sharp bend (and accurate) needed to be made about 1 inch from the end.   I tried doing this freehand (hammered it, heated it, etc.) before and failed miserably.  I seen this rig (below) and it works very well.


To make the bend, you tighten the screws down.  The solid rod still bent so the rig was turned around and used the vice to apply pressure to the center section as the screws were tightened.



Next thing was to fit the roof to the body.  Tabs were solver soldered along the radius in front to firmly hold the cab to the roof.  The sides of the roof were measured and cut to the proper length.


Cab stanchions were needed to go along the edge of the roof sides.  I had the drawings so this was the result..  


Here is the cab (below) with the sides and front of the roof cut to size.  The stanchions are also installed.  You can see in the picture where the torch marks are on the roof towards the front were the clips were installed to hold down the roof.  Some metal was silver soldered to the door posts to stiffen them up.  Now it just needs a little sand blasting, a good coat of paint and we'll be ready to install.  


The handrails were finally put on along with a coat of paint.


After running the Daylight for a few years, it was time to add doors to the cab.  Since the door opening were cut out, I decided to make working doors.  I don't plan on opening them, but they can if I needed to,


The doors needed to be painted and a few spots on the cab needed to be touched up so I decided to just paint the whole thing again.

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Home What's New Building the Daylight Daylight Tender Observation Car Engine Stand Gondolas Gauge Bell Ringer Air Pump Gas Switcher Taffy Puller



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