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Observation Car

#6 Odds & Ends

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With the car structurally completed, the next thing to do was to install the air lines for the brakes.  I know there are many different brake setups and some better than most.  I opted for simple.  An air line was fished through the length of the 2"x2" (AG) then made a few angle brackets to hold the brake line fittings.  There is a quick disconnect for the air line to the truck brakes for easy removal if needed.



There are 4 LED lights (FB) installed on the side of the car, two on each side.  A resister was added to dim the lights a bit.  22 ga. Speaker Wire (FA) was ran inside the 3/4" (BA) square tubing and fished it out under the frame and secured it to the chain hook Eyebolt (GC).  An 2 pole automotive Connector (FC) was used.    




Found some seats on the internet pre-made.  All that was needed was to make the frames for the 4 seats.  A spring pin was used to secure it to the car making them easy to move or be removed.  Here's a view of the underside of the seat.




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