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Observation Car

#8 Daylight Neon



The original Daylight train had an observation car with an orange neon "Daylight" insignia on the rear door.  I liked the way it looked.  Thought about a scale replica neon light but didn't think it could be made into neon due to the small size.  Even if it could, it would cost hundreds of dollars.  EL wire is electroluminescent wire that could be bent to almost any form.  I used 2.2mm orange EL Wire (FE) with a 12VDC Inverter (FF).  It's not perfect but I like it.





First thing was to draw up the pattern.  The logo was drawn and points placed to indicate drilled holes.  The pattern was cut out and glued to a 1/8" aluminum plate.




The holes were drilled and the aluminum plate was painted black.  The EL light was then "threaded" through the holes following the template.  The pic on the right shows the back after threading.



Tabs were placed in the corners to hold the perimeter lighting in place.  Plexiglas was placed in front to hold everything together







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