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#2 Body Frame

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The side body frames were made next.  The vertical square tubing (BD) was welded to the long square tubing (BA).  Both sides were made and then attached to each other with square tubing (BB).





Angle iron was used to make the Round Rear Body Frame (BF).  One long piece was used.  All curves were made by cutting slits in the angle iron. I used my band saw to make several cuts along the portion of the angle iron that needed to be bent.  Since some of the bends are tight, several trips to the band saw were needed to remove more metal after each bend.  This technique was used for other pieces in this build also.  The piece could have been heated and bent but would have distorted the angle iron.  Also, using this method, bending the piece was much easier since it was at room temperature.  Once the proper shape was formed, it was clamped down and welded.  It wasn't clamped down the first time and it sprung out of shape from the heat when welding.  If this happens, just make a few more cuts, reshape and re-weld.   






Once all the body frame pieces were made, the entire assembly was welded together.  







Make everything straight before and during welding (see string stretched end-to-end).  The 2x 2 Frame Stiffener (AG) was welded to the center of the frame (red arrow).  This piece is used to stiffen up the middle to prevent sagging.  A 6 piece of 1 x 2 tubing was welded on to each end of the Frame Channel (AD) for the Coupler Pockets (AE)



The next thing to tackle was the Curved Roof (BE) ends which were framed out of angle iron.  The same technique was used as above for bending the angel iron.  A drawing of the curved roof (actual size) was used to get the correct shape.  A 3 pipe placed in the vice was used to help form the tight bends on the ends.  When welding these pieces on the body frame, make sure the distance is exactly 5-7/8" outside-to-outside.  This is required to allow the 6" wide roof panels to overlap each side by 1/16" (the thickness of the body panels).



Before welding on the roof panels, the inside body panel shape is made by putting the Inside Vertical Panels (CE) in place and using a marker to outline the shape.  The piece was then cut, filed, sanded and then welded in place.




The same was done on the observation end.




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