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Gas Switcher

#3 Body


The cab was made out of 15 ga (1/16") sheet.  It was made in 2 pieces for easier removing.  It is held in place by tabs sticking out of the frame into holes in the cab bottom.  After this photo was taken, I went out and got a de-humidifier for my shop. 

After some sanding and painting, decals were made using myPC and added some pin-stripping.  I wanted a light on the front but didn't want to deal with plugging/unplugging the wires every time I took the front cover off (to fill with gas).   A switch was rigged up that has a spring loaded pin which makes contact with a plate mounted on the frame.

Here you can see all the controls for the brakes, starter, lights, air compressor, throttle and direction/speed lever.  Also notice the air tank on top.  The levers where made to connect low so the body could come off without interference. 

Well, here it is all done.  Worked a couple bugs out and now it runs great.  It is heavy enough to pull my 2 gondolas with 6 people up a grade of 2%.


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