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Daylight Tender

#3 Piping

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Next step was the body panels, or so I thought.  It would be much easier to do the piping while the panels were off.  Space was pretty tight under the tender and struggled with fitting everything that was needed without things hitting the trucks.  This tender project is a test of compromise. 

Here is the tender frame upside-down showing the piping.  The barbs at the front are (left to right);  left-injector; return line; axle/hand pump; right injector.  At the very back of the tender, a ball valve (red handle) was installed to quickly drain the tender. 


Here the valves for the injectors and other water feed lines were silver soldered together to give them something to mount to. 


A ball valve (front, red handle) shuts off the axle/hand water supply.  Didn't have much choice where it went.  It was the only place with room.


The two outside injector lines have a panel mount needle valve that extends through the floor.  I will later make extensions and install a handle at the top of the tender for easy access. 


Here is the water return, hand pump and overflow pipe.  Brass bushings were made and soldered to the floor for all the connections. 


Needed some way to filter the garbage out.  I made 4 filters using #100 brass mesh screening.


Installed the filters and finished the piping inside the water tank.


Here's a picture with the baffles temporarily installed.


Well, the water piping is done.  Need to do the brake lines then its time (finally) to start on the body panels.  I bought about 2000 3/32" copper rivets and 1000 #2 drive screws.  I have a lot of drilling riveting ahead of me.

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